Recooked Sinapis Arvensis


Wild herbs, onions, Aleatico Passito wine, EVO oil, Pantelleria capers (290g)

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Sinapis Arvensis is a “weed” wild herb that grows on our slopes, giving beautiful yellow blossoms that illuminate our hills. We gather the young leaves and, after “capping” them, we sauté them in a pan with golden onions from our BioSustainable garden, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, all moistened with our Bludom Aleatico Passito wine and enriched with tasty capers from Pantelleria. Sinapis Arvensis, used in the past in Tuscia’s peasant cuisine, is certainly one of the most interesting wild herbs to reinterpret for innovative and sustainable cooking. Let’s rediscover the flavors of the past, enhanced by our passito wine. A rich and tasty vegetable ready to use, perfect for accompanying meats, omelets, and structured cheeses.

Our agriculture, certified organic since 2006, is also: + Circular economy recycling, returnable vacuum, recycled paper, company compost, km0. – CO2 emissions Carbon footprint, minimal processing, grassing, techno-ecological drying, ultra-light bottles, the Etruscan cave, ecological weeding with the donkey Jane. – Water consumption water saving, phytoremediation and bio-lake = Carbon Neutral.

Our agriculture is capable of zeroing the balance between emissions and CO2 absorption.
We are Zero Impact!