Drunken cherries with Violone


Drunken cherries with Violone (290g)

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The Drunken Cherries with Violone are born in our agricultural laboratory from the union of cherries with our Violone wine, an indigenous wine of Tuscia. We wash, remove the stems, and jar the cherries just picked from the tree, covering them with wine syrup and sugar. By adding a slice of lemon (as per tradition), we ensure the preservation of the product without the use of additives or preservatives. They pair beautifully with desserts, ice cream, or ricotta, but they are also delicious to enjoy on their own (be careful of the pit), and we recommend drinking the juice.

Our agriculture, certified organic since 2006, is also: + Circular economy recycling, returnable vacuum, recycled paper, company compost, km0. – CO2 emissions Carbon footprint, minimal processing, grassing, techno-ecological drying, ultra-light bottles, the Etruscan cave, ecological weeding with the donkey Jane. – Water consumption water saving, phytoremediation and bio-lake = Carbon Neutral.

Our agriculture is capable of zeroing the balance between emissions and CO2 absorption. We are Zero Impact!