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We have been bio-certified since 2006. We cultivate with innovative natural methods, without synthetic chemicals. Did you know that agriculture is the third sector most responsible for emissions and climate change?
Trebotti is a leader in Italy for innovation and eco-sustainability. We were among the first in Italy to measure and certify the carbon footprint of our wines, calculating the environmental impact of our productions as for example, the emissions of climate-altering gases.


+ circular economy thanks to the recycling and reuse of materials with zero waste from the Gocce Zero Waste project (bottle return system); to the company’s closed-cycle compost (as soil conditioner, mulching, and anti-erosive) from waste to resource; to 90% of our market being local. – CO2 emissions with the use of bio-certified natural products, energy efficiency, renewable energies, minimal tillage, soil green cover, techno-ecological grape drying, ultra-light bottles, and the Etruscan cave. – water consumption with water-saving of the little potable water used for washing the winery, which is phytodepurated and stored in the Biolake. = carbon neutral because our agriculture is capable of zeroing the balance between CO2 emissions and absorption.

We are zero impact!


We also remember our other sustainable innovations: the 3S Wines project (Sustainable-Sulfite-Free); the drip-saving talking labels; easily separable and completely recyclable packaging; all prints on recycled paper and produced with natural and recycled materials; the CO.ME.F project (COmpost, Methane, and Mushrooms from waste to resource); Jane the donkey who helps with ecological weeding and natural fertilizer for our olive grove. We designed our winery with rationality, efficiency, respecting the environment and landscape. We built the winery on top of the hill, hiding it underground. This avoids energy waste, consuming less energy for thermoregulation and exploiting gravity for winemaking.