Organic Italian Millefiori Honey


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Organic wildflower honey is produced from the natural mixing of nectar brought by bees in the hive. Its name is given precisely by the presence of flavors and characteristics of the many flowers that are collected by the industrious bees. Wildflower honey is a product with a unique flavor and aroma with a light or dark color, depending on the season and the flowers present, with a high nutritional value thanks to the presence of different flowers.

Our agriculture, certified organic since 2006, is also: + Circular economy recycling, returnable vacuum, recycled paper, company compost, km0. – CO2 emissions Carbon footprint, minimal processing, grassing, techno-ecological drying, ultra-light bottles, the Etruscan cave, ecological weeding with the donkey Jane. – Water consumption, water saving, phytoremediation and bio-lake = Carbon Neutral. Our agriculture is able to eliminate the between emissions and absorption of CO2. We are Zero Impact!